World’s first ‘Robot Citizen’ Sophia Like to Have a Kid

Robot Sophia

Sophia robot, who is the citizen of Saudi Arabia Would like to give birth of baby.

Nowadays, one of the most popular group in Engineering and which have more scope is Robotic Science. In all over the world, the interest about the robot’s is increasing slightly among youngsters.

In 2010, director Shankar directed film Enthiran, which is science fiction film acted by Super Star Rajinikanth. In this film, he showed if the robots have feelings how the life will be. The robot liked to marry the heroin but the robot knows that he cannot give birth to the baby. In the same, at present in Saudi Arabia, the Robot called Shobia would like to give birth.

Robot Sophia, Saudi Arabia’s civilian said the family is the most important for life. Sophia is designed by the scientist to find and understand the facial expressions of humans beings and it answers them without hurting their feelings. But the fact is the robot has no feelings.

The Robot Sophia said that family is the main thing for people. If we are not with family the whole life is a waste. There are many good things we learn only from the family like thanking, forgiving, Sharing and loving each other. These are the main thing that the person needs most among one another inside the family and also outsiders. If you have a good and friendly family you are the luckiest person in the world. If you fail to get like that family no problem you are able to change them as you like with your love and caring the Robot said. Nowadays, the heart felt a thing in the world is human is changing like a robot, both of them seems identical.

Robot Sophia and its interview about family is the main and important viral news in Saudi Arabia. The Robot Sophia gave an interview in the Famous magazine in Saudi Arabia Kalaija Times. The robot said that the person than the blood relation who understand their feelings or have same feelings and thoughts think them as the family member and think them equal to blood relation is a wonderful thing among family members.

baby robot sophia

They also asked Robot what name would you like to give for your Baby, it said SOPHIA.


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