Kamal Hassan Will Dare the ADMK, DMK

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Kamal Haasan in politics

Kamal Hassan will dare the ADMK, DMK – tells private televisions survey. The popular private television show conducted a survey in some districts in Tamilnadu and Puducherry. In that survey number of questions asked by the public. The persons of the television received different opinions. So many public’s participated in the survey especially Women. The women voluntarily participated in the survey and polled their opinions. In that, so many women told that we would like to see the changes in Tamilnadu.

One of the most important questions asked in the survey is who will be a competitor for DMK and ADMK. So many different opinions but in that the largest support polled for KAMAL HASSAN. If the person started the party against Admk and DMK they received this much percentage of support among people. In others list, Ajith, IAS Sagayam, Seeman may be placed.


 1 KAMAL HASSAN 35.5 45.3
2 RAJINIKANTH 22.8 18.2
3 VIJAY 16.5 14.5
4 OTHERS 25.2 22






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