Jayalalitha’s Cousin Interview Caused a Stir

amrutha jayalalithaLate Chief Minister Jayalalitha gave birth to a female child is true, it is probably to be Amrutha Jayalalitha’s cousin Lalita interview that caused a stir.

After Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s Death, there were so many rumours in the public about her daughter. So many came out that I am her daughter like that and they appealed for that too.
In that time Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha aunty’s daughter interview created a dare among the parties.
A girl called Amrutha Sarathy from Bangalore sued the Supreme Court to declare herself as the daughter of Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha. The court hearing the petition requested him to appeal to the Karnataka High Court and dismissed his petition.

Later, Amrutha spoke to reporters saying “I was the daughter of Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha, only last March I knew that matter. I hide that matter to others because my life would be in danger. I thought Jayalalitha was my Aunty(big mom).

But she was my mother, all my relatives told me. To prove others and to convince myself only I would like to take DNA Test.

Whenever I went to meet her in Poes Garden home, she tells go from here soon. She pushed and rushed me out very often. Jayalalithaa repeatedly told me that you want to be alive. She hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss continuously. Now only I understood that Love, it’s just that she is my mother. I feel my mother’s love.

I will continue to appeal to the Karnataka High Court. “Furthermore, the vice-chief of O. Panneer Selvam too Know that I am the daughter of Jayalalitha.

amrutha and ops

In this case, Jayalalitha Aunty’s daughter Lalitha, who lives in Bangalore, said in an interview:

My mother’s own brother’s daughter is Jayalalitha. That is my maternal uncle’s daughter. We knew that she was in touch with one person. As a result, it was true that a baby girl was born. Our big mom only saw her pregnancy to give birth.

Jayalalitha promised us not to say that to anyone. After 1970, Jayalalitha, have no relationship and touch with family.

His sister Shylaja only take care of the child. So, there is a truth in Amrutha’s claim. If you see the DNA test you will know the truth. Amrutha did not want to get out of this matter. Amrutha thinks that Jayalalithaa is her mother. But we have no proof. We do not seem to want it right now, She said.

Both Amrutha’s and Lalitha’s claims are same. However, the truth will only come out if the DNA is tested.
Lalitha’s interview has created a stir among people and party.


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